This page is dedicated to the people in my life who at one time or another influenced me in a positive way to make me the person I am today. I hope I didn't forget anyone. ***This page is not yet complete.***

On the left: This is a picture of my great grandfather John 'Poppop' Welsing....He was a great baseball player himself. In fact, he even signed a contract with the NY Yankees once. I have a feeling that I got alot of my talent from him, and that he is definitely helping this team from up there in heaven. Thanks Poppop for your help! The other two clowns in this picture are me in the middle and uncle Richard Walsh on the end. In the MIDDLE: A picture of Mom and Me a few years ago. Also, Wile E Coyote (on my "t" shirt) is a big influence on me because he never quits, EVER!! On the right: a picture of my grandmother and me.

This is a picture of some of the Acosta family. Growing up in the 70's, my mother had to work alot. So luckily, mom found this wonderful family to watch over me and take care of me. I still dream about someday having a family like theirs. I also still dream about Mrs. Acosta's great pancakes....... If not for the Acosta's, mom and I would have been in big trouble!!!!! Thanks Acosta family.

Bill Torrey: He is the former G.M. of the NY Islanders, who was kicked out by "ownership confusion"... I learned all I know about team "chemistry" and psychology and about running a 'team' from this man. I never met the man face to face, but have spoken to him and written to him. But not having met him didn't stop me from learning from him. All you have to do is listen carefully to what people say, and that's what I did. He was also the inspiration for our team's first name, The Panthers. LETTER FROM BILL:

On the left is Benoit Hogue. My biggest idol in sports. I have alot of respect for this guy because he truely "hustles". He, along with Torrey, also helped to teach me that a person can only be his best at things if the atomosphere around him is positive and functional. On the right: Pierre Turgeon. I just love the talent level he possesses. He is the reason I wear #77 on my uniform. 1993 was a special year for Isles fans. That's when I realized how much I respected Hogue, Turgeon, Torrey, Arbour, Mullen, and plenty of others. They beat out the Rangers that year, what a great year boy!!!

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